Ron Worley – Owner, AEI Group

Mr. Worley started his career in natural gas in 1962, working in Iowa, Michigan, Florida, and Alabama. In 1974, he and his father, Emmitt Worley, began their first company, EMRON in Odessa, Texas. Ron built their first shop using materials from an old compressor shop he was contracted to tear down.  Ron quickly saw that skid mounted modular units were a “winner”. In 1976, he received his ASME code stamp and in 1978, began to rebuild existing equipment. Knowing he could improve existing designs, he hired an engineer and draftsman and formed EHR (Emmitt, Herold, and Ron) which focused on gas treating and gas conditioning. The first project was to design and build an amine plant. Ron secured financing and the plant was sold before it was even completed. More production followed over the next few years.

In 1987, Allied Equipment, Inc., received its code stamp the same year and hit the ground running.  The market was still struggling and financing was scarce, so Ron had to build the company from scratch. He returned to “the basics” and focused on production equipment. Within 3 years, Allied outgrew its shop space and moved to its current location. Soon after, Allied began building code vessels for power plants that were shipped nationwide. Success continued with bigger amine plants and then condensate stabilizers. Ron and his team have sold reliable equipment all over the US as well as Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Russia.

Ron states that his business has always been “ reputation-based ”.  His goal is to build a strong relationship with the customer, based on results.  Ron started with building amine units and has experienced great success with Allied Equipment.  He is always looking for new ways to improve the design and get more out of each plant.  Ron and his team have grown in size and experience. This has allowed them to branch out on the construction side of the industry, which is now AEI Field Services.

Chris VillegasChief Operating Officer, AEI Group

Mr. Villegas is Chief Operating Officer for AEI Group, LP.  He currently provides support to all AEI Group subsidiaries, monitoring business flow and efficiencies.  He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in 1996.  Over the past 18 years, he has held a variety of positions with midstream operating companies and an engineering design firm.  He has experience with conceptual design, installation, and unit operations including amine treating, condensate stabilization, and natural gas processing.  He currently resides in Odessa, Texas and has lived in West Texas since 2002.