Based in Odessa, TX and delivering quality since 1987, ALLIED EQUIPMENT has emerged as a trusted leader in Oil & Natural Gas for the design and manufacture of modular gas treating, processing and conditioning facilities. Our designs have kept pace with changing technology & the evolving needs of producers to create a wide range of proprietary, pre-engineered and custom designed equipment including but not limited to:

♦  Amine Treating
♦  Condensate Stabilization
♦  Cryogenic Gas Processing
♦  Joule-Thomson (JT) Plants
♦  Fractionation
♦  Gas Dehydration
♦  CNG Storage
♦  Dew Point Control

Allied’s in-house design, engineering, fabrication & manufacturing teams will provide you the most efficient natural gas treating, conditioning and NGL recovery process systems in the industry. Our innovative modular gas plants and stabilizer designs take up less space and arrive at their destination packaged on skids. Whether you need a single solution or complete in-house, turnkey services for plant design, manufacturing, installation and operations, Allied has you covered.