Installation & Commissioning

Our ability to custom manufacture quality equipment to meet industry challenges is enhanced by our ability to offer services for your entire project. Allied Equipment’s experienced engineers, project management teams and installation crews can provide the earthwork, civil engineering, foundation preparation, mechanical, electrical and equipment installation to complete your project on time and in compliance with all state and local codes.Our team will even travel to the site to provide on-site start-up assistance and operator training if needed, and ensure that the plant is operating within scope for maximum efficiency and runtime.  Optional start-up assistance is standard with all plant purchases and lease agreements.

To further assist our customers, Allied Equipment offers project-commissioning options. We call this the “start-up” process of our plants. The plant commissioning process requires finely detailed planning and service coordination before the actual start-up ever begins. Preparation involves thousands of individual equipment & process tests, as well as operator and maintenance training to ensure safe and productive operation at the job site. When all trials are complete and performance standards verified, the plant is ready to be handed over to the new operator.

The most successful projects have planning teams that are involved from the early planning stages to final plant commissioning, which is why Allied Equipment is such an extraordinary value in the plant commissioning process. For the best quality process equipment and maximum value, use Allied Equipment’s expert team to take your commissioning projects from plan to production.