Allied Equipment Solutions Corp. is an industry authority in all types of processing & treating solutions, partnering with oil & gas producers, natural gas processors, oil refineries and petrochemical companies to design and construct safe, code conforming facilities and equipment. We provide the tools you need to transform your crude oil and raw natural gas into a viable product for your target market.


Upstream owners and producers can draw on Allied Equipment Solution Corp.'s expertise to design and fabricate the equipment needed to handle oil & gas of any composition, whether processing at the well site or downstream at a Central Processing Facility (CPF.) We design, manufacture and can install and operate what you need specific to your well stream.

After exploration, drilling and completion of the well to produce a steady flow, production crews transfer custody, or ‘hand-off’ the well stream to be safely and efficiently moved – and that’s where Allied’s experience, dependability, and innovation comes in. We offer a wide range of oil and gas processing & treating equipment such as pressure vessels of any type, custom condensate stabilizers, fractionators and turnkey Amine plants, with varying options and capacities.

We construct and install Field Gathering Systems (FGS) complete with metering and compression stations to move your product to your own CPF or a third party while monitoring the flow quantity and quality. Every project built by Allied Equipment Solutions Corp. is certified in accordance with ASME U, ASME U2, NBBI, and NBBI-R.


Allied Equipment Solutions Corp.'s experienced engineering and production team can create the ideal equipment processes for your well stream that will provide conditioning to meet pipeline standards, minimize contaminants and maximize recovery of valuable hydrocarbons.

The conditioning and treating applications that will provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for getting your product to a buyer are dictated, in large part, by your well stream’s constituents. We utilize multiple technologies that take into account the stream variables of chemical constituents, composition ratio, flow rate, volume, location and destination, balanced with your budgeting and schedule needs and include: Amine Treating Condensate Stabilization Fractionation Gas Dehydration Cryogenic Processing Joule-Tompson (JT) Dew Point Control

We are a self-performing, full-service company and have the resources to offer, should you require them, installation, operation, maintenance, leasing and contract treating options that reduce the risk associated with your venture.


Allied Equipment Solutions Corp.’s extensive experience in all oil & gas process applications allows us to serve the Refining and Petrochemical industries with customized plants, transforming crude and NGL into the valuable products desired by our customers.

Since 1987, Allied has set the standard for efficient, low maintenance, dependable plants and equipment designed with the most advanced technology and systems in the industry. We offer a large inventory, modular units, in-house custom fabrication, expert installation and plant operating services. Our custom turnkey solutions bring world-class quality and experience to your project. Allied Equipment Solutions Corp. is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of gas treating and gas processing solutions for the oil and gas industry, specializing in plant and equipment design for natural gas production and alternative energy processing.