Safety & Environment

The ALLIED Standard

Allied Equipment is dedicated to ensuring the Safety and Health of our employees, clients, and the communities in which we operate. As experts in a specialized field, we recognize the importance of staying up to date on the latest technologies and are committed to implementing practices that protect the safety of our workforce, our clients, our community and the environment. We believe excellence in safety is paramount to a successful project followed by the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Our commitment to safety is evident in our day-to-day business and put into action in every aspect of our operations including:

♦  ASME U, ASME U2, NBBI and NBBI-R certifications as well as ISNet affiliation
♦  Safety training received by each new employee
♦  Ongoing current training in natural gas safety procedures for all staff and contractors
♦  Employee dedication to strict daily practices
♦  Pre-job safety planning for new projects
♦  Start-up assistance and operator training offered to our customers
♦  All final products are tested by third party inspectors and certified to meet the highest standards of quality and safety

Allied Equipment is a customer oriented facility, so your safety is extremely important to us. Our staff is readily available to answer any questions regarding safety and environmental conditions.


Allied Equipment was again awarded the SHARP designation good through August 2018. In addition, Allied has received consecutive Safety Excellence awards from Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

Allied also maintains an internal company web resource that provides safety information to all employees.